“If you want my advice”……..don’t listen to advice

Yep, it’s true. Well, I don’t mean every bit of advice you hear, but, most of it.

Why? Is it because all the advice you get when starting in business is wrong? Nope.

There will be some good advice, and quite a bit of hot air from people who like the sound of their own voices, and who love to write clap-trap all over the internet. This sort of stuff get’s passed around and end’s up as being gospel.

Even the good advice may be ‘bad’ for you. How?

Because it’s distracting. It distracts you from taking action on one thing. You hear some good advice from one expert, and then another and then another, and so on.

All these guys seem to know their stuff, but are all offering something different. And you get all confused and start to flounder.

So, just two things.

One. Get advice from a trustworthy source, someone, who when he talks has the ring of truth, is realistic, non-hypey, and doesn’t make outrageous claims of huge money spinning schemes. He needs to be steady, calm and have a proven track record of making money online.

Two. When you have got the good advice and decided on a plan, maybe blogging, affilliate marketing, Facebook marketing, ebook writing, kindle publishing, etc, then stick with that ONE PLAN! For now, just go with the good advice, the one plan and see it through. Then, when that plan is up and running, maybe start to look at other things, take advice on diversifying to different areas of internet marketing and add more strings to your bow.

So, in a nutshell, even good advice can be bad, too much will confuse and overwhelm you. Pick who you listen to, prove to yourself they are worth listening to, and then get cracking.

I know I bleat on about it, but, I spent a lo of money on the teachings of many a ‘guru’, before the penny dropped, and I realised that there are only a few authorities online that actually provide real value that would change my life and business prospects. Jim Cockrum is that guy. Voted the world’s most trusted internet marketer, Jim has built a team of partners, myself now one of them, who has provided a wealth of information to entrepreneurial folks who want to get out of the rat race and into their own business.

Jim’s Proven Amazon Course was the lift I needed and focused my mind on what I should really be doing in my business.

His clear thinking and genius for establishing systems for making money have resonated with thousands around the world making countless students of his methods a full time living.

I am privileged to be a part of his team now and in a position to provide coaching to those who are seeking to grow a business online and offline.

Let Me Coach You to success!

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