Play to your Strengths

I like many starting business online was incredibly daunted by those who were already super successful and making lots of money.

I was very intimidated and that intimidation I felt was actually holding me back, and sabotaging my desire to succeed.

It was a self doubt, the voices in my head were really saying….”how can you make it, look at all those other guys who know so much, have so much skill, have all the right tools………you know nothing!”

And, for some time, I dreamed about making it, but, mostly felt paralysed into inaction.

But, my desire to succeed kept growing, and, do you know, I gradually picked myself up, and thought “ENOUGH!”

“I’m no fool, I’m not an idiot! If those people who were working in supermarkets, and driving trucks, and living in parked cars can work this out, then so can I!”

And, from then on, I have never looked back. My everyday motto is now just 3 letters:



Don’t hestitate, or sleep on it, or ask the wife, or anyone less qualified than you…..just get on and do it.

And if you are wondering where to start, what niche you want to be in, here’s some straight forward advice:

Play to your strengths.

Has anyone ever asked your advice? On what subject? What do you know lots about that could be used to help others with the same problems?

Have you achieved anything special in the last 2-3 years? What are your hobbies? What about your career? Ask your family what they see in you that could be of value to others. Instead of giving your advice away for free, or keeping it inside your head, there are people right now, who would pay whatever it takes for the solution to their problem and a better life. You can be instrumental in that, making a good living at the same time.

Have a think right now, make some notes, look out for the next post with the next step of your action plan.


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