Speed doesn’t Kill….being a slow coach does

How often do we hear that old chestnut….speed kills? Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t.

Not in Internet Marketing anyway. Because, in this business what you DON’T want to do when creating a product, or a marketing campaign, is this:

Speak to the wife about it. Have a little think about it. Sleep on it. Go on the IM forums and ask others about it. Have another think about it.

See what I mean? All this means is you’re delaying, and delaying means someone else is actually doing it, while you’re thinking about it.

“But, I don’t know enough!” I hear you say. I bet you know more than you think, you certainly know more about this business than many thousands of others just entering this market. And so, with the knowledge you have, and the knowledge you are gaining each and every day in this online world, you probably have plenty to talk about to others, and enough wherewithall to get creating a product, start a marketing campaign, or, train others.

Even Mark Zuckerberg said that you must be making mistakes when you start out, you can’t not make mistakes actually in this business.

But, once the momentum is going, you learn so much on the fly, a good thing, trust me. And because the ball is rolling, it’s harder to stop and give up, also a good thing.

One mistake I see time and again is blogs by newbie internet marketers that have been established over 2 years, and there are only 2 posts on the whole thing. What does that tell you? They started with good intentions, made a blog, started putting some content on, and then………………..they decided to have a little think, speak to the wife about it, sleep on it…….and before they knew what was happening, the momentum has gone, the ball has stopped rolling, and the blog and business has died.

So, speed is good, speed gets things done, speed makes you money, speed is what you want in this business. Sounds hard? Not really, because once that ball is rolling, then it becomes self perpetuating, it moves by it’s own momentum, as long as you keep peddling.

If you are still thinking about it, and haven’t got going, I know I harp on about this, but my friend James Francis is the man you want to be taught by. With his video course “Six Figure Shortcut”, you literally watch him build an internet business from scratch, and then you copy him. What could be better than that? Nothing. Honestly, this is my top recommendation for those new to the business, or, those who lost their way, got stuck, or ended up sleeping on it for too long. Go to this link below, you won’t regret it. Promise.



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