Have You Got An Amazon Business?

  • Are you tired and stressed trying to find new stock to sell?
  • Have you spent countless hours trawling through hundreds of wholesale directories looking for quality products to sell?
  • Do you think that the only place to buy inventory these days is from China?
  • Are you fed up with wholesale membership sites that promise decent wholesalers, charge you a fee, for you to find out they are worthless?
  • Wouldn’t you love to have a ready supply of brilliant new stock to fill your shelves with?

Then I can Help You!

Did you know that there is a largely untapped treasure trove of amazing products available on ebay that you can purchase for very little and sell for a lot?

I have perfected the methods to find the best inventory on ebay and re-sell for several times the cost on amazon.

So many folks have no idea what products they should be buying for re-sale, and instead waste hours searching through useless wholesale directories buying products for re-sale that have tiny profit margins!

Stop Doing it!

There is no need to trawl endless directories, or, useless websites on the promise that if you pay a membership fee you’ll get given all these amazing wholesalers who’ll sell to you. It won’t happen!

Let me show you a different way.

A way that has been hidden in plain sight for about 15 years, that hardly anyone is using!

My guide will show you exactly:

  • Why you MUST use eBay as a source of inventory
  • How to search for and find the BEST stock on ebay
  • What categories and products are the MOST lucrative to buy from
  • How to source locally and save a BUNDLE on shipping
  • How to find amazingly PROFITABLE products for resale that most people would never think of
  • How to buy the BEST stock again and again from ebay sellers
  • How to build relationships with ebay sellers and sell THEIR products for them for a percentage of the profits!
  • If you have a sourcing team, given them this book and tell them to do as it says!

If you have an internet connection, and an ebay and amazon account, you’re half way there.

If you want to go from making a few £  a week, to hundreds or even thousands, this guide will show you exactly what to do.

It will be a tremendous lift to your confidence as you start to easily source incredible bargains daily to put into your amazon business.

The information I share with you is exactly what I use every day to build my amazon business. I’ve been perfecting my own techniques now for several years, techniques that hardly anyone uses!

I am for the first time sharing them with you. If you follow the guidance, you will succeed in building a profitable amazon business.

It takes some effort and hard work, success always does, but, this is a proven business model that I created myself.

My sales each month exceed £15,000 using these very same methods. It provides a good income for me and my family, and, it could do the same for you!

You’ll be amazed at just how effective these strategies really are.

If you don’t mind learning new ideas, and are willing to put in some effort to make it work like it does for me, then, you’re sure to succeed in building your own successful amazon business.

If you are serious about turning a few pounds into a lot more then get my guide today. If you apply what you learn, you won’t regret it.


I  started with £500 and had been struggling with Online Arbitrage, Wholesale and all the other ‘low hanging fruit’ sourcing methods where the competition is fast becoming fierce. I was about to throw in the towel.... thinking that the negatives of soul-destroying price drops on your carefully sourced items, floods of FBA sellers on the listing and having to buy end-of-the-line products on sale (which no one really wants anymore) just to make a profit, were not worth it anymore. This book changed everything for me. The method is so simple to follow, and after a couple of days of experimenting, I had bought 5 high-end, in demand products, brand new and for a ridiculously low price. So low in fact that I was convinced the price that Amazon was charging was completely wrong! I sent them in to Amazon and held my breath and in LESS THAN 4 DAYS, I had an extra £450 sales from those 5 items and £150 profit in my pocket. I now have no overheads (I got rid of my Online Arbitrage VA and my prep company, as I am buying items for £50 and selling them for £150 so I need significantly fewer items), am finding more deals on high quality items than I can afford to buy (for now!) and am working less than 2 hours a day doing it. I still now cannot believe the deals I am getting on a daily basis. Thank you for changing the arbitrage game Simon. It needed a shake up and this is it!

Simon Charlton has created a concise & practical guide on how to source products on eBay in order to sell them on Amazon. I'm very pleased with the tactics Simon lays out here, as I use many of them in my own business. I highly recommend this guide. Well done Simon.

What I liked about this book is that it works across all eBay and Amazon countries and can also be used by people living outside say the USA. For example I could source on eBay USA and use a prep company and have eBay items delivered there and then into Amazon. Also the ebook covers the method in a simple step by step approach and allows the new person to pick up the book, read it and then take some money and buy some products... Simple, Easy, But very powerful and the more time you put into this the more money you can make. This is one of those resources that can be picked up and used for a few days or weeks to generate some income and then put back into storage, or it can be used on a regular basis and in time it can become another income stream.

For those that say they are no local sources of inventory for Amazon (especially my UK friends) they obviously haven't read Simon Charlton's "Ebay to Amazon ARBITRAGE GUIDE! Simon tells you practically everything he does to leverage eBay to provide him with nearly unlimited local inventory to sell to the world on Amazon. New, creative and fresh is how I would describe Simon's sourcing approach. Not only do I count Simon as a good friend but having read his book it's obvious.... he's a serious expert when it comes to eBay to Amazon Arbitrage!

The new ebook just paid for itself. Haven't even read the whole thing. Just bought some medical supplies that are ranked 3,000 HPC and I'm going to double the $100 I spent. All of this in less than two hours of work. I sold two items today and yesterday at about $130 profit each.  Can't wait till I actually get efficient with this technique!


If you would like to have your own testimonial like those  above, then take action today and get my book, and, start making that income from today!

I’ll send out your printed book within one working day. You’ll also get access immediately to a download version so you can get started today!

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