There’s money in paper…….wallpaper

Many of the strategies I teach to my amazon coaching clients are to be found in Jim Cockrum’s PAC course.

These include wholesaling, online and offline arbitrage, thrifting, private label, and my favourite: ebay to amazon arbitrage. I do all of these in my amazon business. I don’t concentrate on one method only, I believe you need to use all or as many as you can master to provide that valuable inventory to send into the amazon fulfilment centres.

Just recently, I was shopping for some decorating products at a home store in the UK, and came across a manager’s clearance section. This was full of quality wallpapers and borders. Now, I don’t usually buy stock like this, but, with an open mind I will consider anything, if it can turn me a profit.

So, I got out my iphone, and started scanning the barcodes into amazon’s app. Sure enough, most of these wallpapers and borders were retailing for around £8-12 each on amazon, and ranked very well. Ad how much were these selling for in the store I was in? They were priced betwen 50p and £1 each. So, I knocked myself out, got tw trolleys and filled them to the top. I spent £176 on all these rolls of heavily discounted wallpaper rolls, sent them into amazon that same week, and sold 95% of them within 2 weeks. A very healthy profit was made of around £500.

Lesson,  whenever you are out shopping, look by the clearance section and don’t be shy about buying large amounts if they are selling well on amazon. Who’da thought wallpaper would have been a best seller on amazon?


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